Barnett Shale

Lonestar Land Services provides our clients with ‘Start to Finish’ comprehensive land and right of way acquisition, route selection, damage settlement and condemnation support in the Barnett Shale. The ability to acquire and maintain the lawful rights needed for the construction and operation of pipelines, electrical transmission lines, meter stations and regeneration sites; as well as permitting and right of entry for seismic.


  • Title Certification
  • Proven Leaders of Personnel and Projects
  • Extensive experience with Eminent Domain Proceedings
  • Senior Negotiating Agents
  • Public Relations Experience
  • Expert Route Selection

Lonestar Land Services has served public and private utility agencies in the Southwest and Pennsylvania. We provide our customers with the best of title, negotiations, feasibility and information studies, permitting and construction support.

Each Project Manager at Lonestar Land Services has management experience and a minimum of these skills:

  • Title research, due diligence and title curative back to sovereignty
  • Integrated GIS and GPS coordinating systems
  • Thorough understanding of survey and drafting
  • Construction methods
  • Comprehensive understanding of construction drawings and alignments
  • Negotiation experience with regulatory agencies
  • Exceptional organization & people skills
  • Appreciation of the customers goals and expectations