Lonestar Land Services, LLC, was founded in 2005 in Fort Worth,TX, in the heart of the Barnett Shale by a group of entrepreneurs. Our owners, senior management, land agents, title experts, and lawyers have decades of experience in the energy sector. We have accumulated over a decade of experience in 35 states, providing ‘Start to Finish’ comprehensive land and Right-of-Way acquisition, route selection, damage settlement and condemnation legal representation. It is our “Boots on the Ground” approach that literally means our teams are in the field from Day One of our contract.

We take pride in our work and push hard to accomplish tasks on time and under budget. We have a track record of successful negotiations—so that our clients are not forced into condemnation hearings and district court. We are transparent, truthful and respectful in all that we do. Count on us to work independently or as part of engineering, survey, and construction or maintenance teams.